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Fell's Coffee
Moses' Hair Invigorator
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To prevent baldness, restore hair that has fallen off or become thin and to cure effectually scurf or dandruff. It will also relieve the Headache, and give the hair a darker and glossy color, and the free use of it will keep both the skin and hair in a healthy state. Ladies will find the Invigorator a great addition to toilette, both in consideration of the delicate and agreeable perfume and the great facility it affords in dressing the hair, which, when moist with it, can be dressed in any required form, so as to preserve its place whether plain or in curls. When used on children's heads, it lays the foundation for a good head of hair.

Prepared only by W.D.Moses, Barkerville, Williams Creek

To Whom It May Concern,

This is to certify that from some cause or complaint of the head our hair commenced falling out so readily that we feared we should lose the whole. In this condition we went to W. D. Moses, and strange to relate, in three applications of his wonderful Hair Restorative our hair became as strong as ever, and is now soft and lively. We make this certificate with pleasure, believing it to be for the public good.

George Coffrin, Cameronton

Robert Warren, Barkerville

H. S. Redgrave, Richfield

Williams Creek, 1st July, 1865

Fell's Coffee

The Universal Practice of mixing Chicory and other adulteratives with Coffee, has very much damaged in public estimation, what ought to be the most deli cious of Beverages. So effectively have the public been drugged with such mixtures that the true properties have been lost sight of, and many prefer a black and thick infusion to a drink rich in spirit and aroma. General as is the use of Coffee, it is little known that in condensing the vapors extracted from the berry in roasting, a liquor is obtained of the most nauseous taste and of a scent the most unbearable. Under such circumstances it is evidently important that all the gases and fluids extracted by roast ing should be carried off as quickly as possible in order to prevent their returning again to the Coffee which is the case in the confined cylinder. This object is admira bly accomplished by the new and patent "Conical Coffee Roaster" as used by FELL & CO., Victoria, in which the berry is directly exposed to the radiated heat, and the vapor extracted carried off instantaneously. In addition to the advantage to be derived by the rapid removal of the steam containing the objectionable properties, the pure aroma of the Coffee is retained; the essential oil being preserved and not exhausted as in the Cylinder, Roaster, where the Coffee is required to remain a much longer time in consequence of the steaming it under goes by the confined steam. It is chemically impossible to retain the qualities or arrest the deterioration of Coffee when ground. The heat engendered by the process of roasting, and especially of grind ing, creates an action to the elementary parts which gradually destroys the fine ness of drink. But to retain the essential oil which it contains we have it encased in tins containing from 4lb to 28lb, and which can be had from any of the respectable dealers. We can confidently recommend those who hither to been obliged to refrain from tak ing Coffee on account of its ill effects, that they may use our Coffee, roasted in the Conical Roaster, being recommended by all medical men under whose notice it has been brought and by numerous other testimonials in its favour.


Coffee Merchants, Yates St., Victoria


P. l. Johnson, Proprietor,

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